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A General Misconception about FIGHTING!

Part 1

What comes to your mind when I say “Fighting”? Is it guys in the street beating the shit out of each other? Does the movie Fight Club and Tyler come to mind? Or is it two guys who have trained their bodies beyond their limits, and are laying it all on the line in a cage or in the ring?

Well, to me it is the latter… But much much more than that!

Now let me go back a few years back to when I was actively fighting in Muay Thai, MMA and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (2011 – 2015)??? I could think of few other pleasures than punching someone in the face. It WAS what I thought fighting was all about. Now, mix that with my short temperament and you have a kettle ready to blow. Fighting was my outlet, you see.  I loved it and still do!

Now, with fighting comes some injuries and some injuries can take you out of the fight for a while. It was during one of these days that I could not train . This was an especially BAD day. I was sitting on the train depressed because I could not train. Then, like a bolt of Lightning, it hit me⚡️⚡️👊🏽👊🏽
This is the Fight! Your Life, your Struggles, your Battles. You gotta Fight. It gets hard. Life gets hard, but you FIght! You fight for what you love; You fight for what you believe in! It is just like when I’m in the ring. It is Fighting…Fighting is Easy.

Part 1… End