Battling Excuses Part 1

So, how many of you have made an excuse today?

I know that I have. They probably sound something like…

I could go to the gym today, but I’m too tired.

I want to lose weight, but it’s too hard.

I tried to stop smoking, but i just can’t.

I could better myself today but, well, I’m too busy.

You get the idea…

Are you starting to see a trend here?

I wanna do something, but….

I have heard so many of these statements over the years.

I’ve heard even more since becoming a personal trainer.

Here is simple way to battle these excuses when they come to mind.

Yes they will make their way in, however, you have the power to turn them around. You just have eliminate the “but” part.

Start paying attention to your thoughts and you will notice the second part of the sentence.

Then you can stop it before it comes….

As I write this, some buts have popped into my head…

But John, this is million dollar dollar information, how could you give it away for free.

Well, I just did it…part 1 End.

Stay tuned. The next blog will go into more detail on how to get rid of these nagging excuses.

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