Misogyny and Martial Arts 

Very nice article on Women in BJJ.


Recently I have been teaching some guys basics of Brazilian jujitsu eveything has been going well they listen and seem eager to learn which is awesome. Then when wrapping up a quick lesson I hear ‘aw that’s cute, but I couldn’t do that it looks so wrong I couldn’t have my legs around all them guys’….I do not train 5 times a week just to pull a man between my legs like some sort of guard pulling venus fly trap.

I admit that some positioning Brazilian jujitsu (BJJ) to the untrained eye looks a bit risqué but I found a bit offensive that it only seemed to look wrong when I was training with guys not when they were training with each other. I can safely say there is nothing sexy about a sweaty rashgaurd being mushed against your face whilst your arm feels like it’s being pulled off.


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