Monthly Archives: July 2017

Brand New Muay Thai class

I am excited to announce I am teaching a brand new Muay Thai class on a Thursday nights at 830 pm at the Woodside Boxing Academy located at 41-25 58th St.
Woodside, NY, 11377.
We will be training on Thursday nights at 830 pm.

The class is for all ages and levels.
If you are in New York, stop by and give it a try!

Quick question Boxing or MMA?

Quick question for all you fight fans.

Who are you picking for this McGreggor vs. Mayweather fight?

Can an MMA Champ simply pick up some boxing gloves and win over a seasoned veteran? 

Or will Floyd “Money”Mayweather’s boxing be too mUch for the MMA champ?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts  on this.


Client Motivation Monday

Pic with my client, Sam, in front of Golds gym. He was on #vacation this past Sunday, but no rest for him.  👍🏽💪🏽💪🏽

Sam has also lost 9 pounds so far,  gained muscle mass, and increased at least 20 pounds in most of his weights.

He has also learned about a year’s worth of Muay Thai in a few months.

I am very proud to be on his fitness journey.