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Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is John, aka ‘Luda’, which was my nickname when I used to fight.  I am a lover of Muay Thai, BJJ and student of all martial arts.

I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Muay Thai Coach with over 10 years experience in the sport. I am also a husband and brand new dad!  In this blog I will share my theories and opinions on martial arts, inspirational stuff, training advice,  pictures, videos, random thoughts on life (remember Life is Hard. Fighting is Easy) plus much more!

Welcome and please enjoy!



Origins of Life is Hard. Fighting is Easy.TM

“The meaning of Life is Hard. Fighting is Easy.TM is that life can be a struggle.
But, if you find a passion for that one thing that makes you happ
y, whatever that passion is, it will be easy.

The day-to-day and more serious struggles in life can weigh a person down.
Life in itself is a struggle for some people.
Finding the one thing in life that makes the person happy can make everything easy.
For me, that one thing is literally fighting.”
John “Luda” Cumper